Located in the heart of Encinitas, CA, we have proven over 30 years of exceptional service. Check out our menu!

As the sun sets, fulfill your appetite with us!

Our relaxing and casual dinning experience is a perfect place for every guest.

About That Time?

Enjoy a variety of wines and spirits for a casual night out.


Ahhh…Dessert. Known for the best ice cream in town, you’ll have to try our many rare and unique flavors.


Homemade Baklava (Walnut or Apple)
Homemade Carrot Cake
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Niederfrank’s 100% Natural Ice Cream (many flavors)
All our coffees are available decaffeinated and can be iced
Regular Cafe Mocha
Expresso Frozen Mocha Cappucino
Cappucino Italian Soda
Cafe Latte Flavor Shot
International Coffees
Continental Coffee
The house specialty! Irish Cream, Tia Maria, & Grand Marnier.
Mexican Coffee
Gold Tequila and Kahlua with hot strong coffee.
Cafe Diego
Brandy, cream de cacao, Kahlua.
Jamaican Coffee
Rum and Amaretto with hot coffee topped with a dash of cinnamon.
The Orgy
Grand Marnier, cream de cacao, brandy & coffee liqueur; topped with whipped cream.
Amaretto Coffee
Amaretto and hot coffee.


Delightfully fresh concoctions of fruit juices but no spirits. A natural high!

Fruit Smoothie
Fresh frozen fruit of the day with apple juice.
Golden Surf
Fresh frozen fruit of the day with orange juice.
Protein Yogurt Smoothie
A frozen combination of banana, strawberry, apple juice, strawberry yogurt and protein powder.

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