Welcome to The Roxy – Encinitas, CA

The Roxy was born in the late ’60s and early ’70s, when people wearing peace symbols and blissful expressions roamed downtown streets.  This root to the past is located in the historic Hwy 101 district of old downtown Encinitas.As a local cultural icon, the Roxy ranks with the La Paloma Theater, the Daley Double bar and Swami’s Point as a surviving symbol of Encinitas.

The Roxy Restaurant’s focus is good, healthy food.  The people of Encinitas love wholesome healthy options that satisfy your hunger.  From Avocado Burritos to Falafel Burgers, Bean Soup to Calamari appetizers; Roxy is delicious and healthy.  We are also one of the last old fashioned ice cream shop with hand-scooped ice cream.